Jul 12, 2024  
2024-2025 College Catalog 
2024-2025 College Catalog

Mission, Values and Guiding Principles


As a comprehensive community college, our mission is to provide quality education and to economically enhance the communities we serve.

To accomplish the mission, the College will:

  • Provide post-secondary occupational education leading to diplomas, certificates, and the Associate of Applied Science degree.
  • Provide post-secondary general and transfer education leading to the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree.
  • Provide basic education for the improvement of academic skills and/or leading to a High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED).
  • Provide economic development programs and assistance.
  • Provide lifelong community and continuing education.
  • Develop partnerships with educational institutions, businesses, governmental agencies, and communities.
  • Develop programs for participation in the global economy.
  • Provide student development services to improve the academic success of our diverse student population.
  • Provide opportunities for our students to participate in leadership development and in community, social, and recreational activities.
  • Maintain a learning and working environment that is safe, clean, and comfortable.
  • Provide student and employee support services to operate the College.

Guiding Principles

  • Student Learning. We value the personal, intellectual, and occupational growth of our students.
  • Quality. We are committed to quality instruction and services to maximize student success and employer satisfaction.
  • Access. We provide access to the College by addressing student needs related to time, location, and cost.
  • Diversity. We respect individual differences and strive to meet the needs in our diverse communities.
  • Lifelong Learning. We promote lifelong learning for personal and professional development.
  • Academic Freedom. We are dedicated to the free exchange of ideas and information which promotes our growth as an educational institution.
  • Shared Governance. We believe in shared governance and encourage our employees and students to contribute to the development of the College.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness. We are committed to continuous improvement and fiscal responsibility within our educational programs and College services.
  • Dedication. We value a workplace which promotes mutual respect and cooperation between the College and the employees.
  • Professional Integrity. We are committed to high standards of ethics and integrity in our relationships, our professional activities, and the performance of our duties.